Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Driven Oscillator - Child in a swing

As I mention before the Double Pendulum Hammer was inspired by a child in a swing.

The "Driven Oscillator" explains the phenomenon.

My proposal recreates the self swing, changing the center of gravity to give the impulse for acceleration.

Please see the following pages:

The picture above is from Physics.org


hw_u2b said...

but the child moves his legs, you will need a motor to move the hammer

Matos de Matos said...

Thank you for your comment. I hope that others will leave their opinion, too. It is important for me to hear suggestions and critics. It will improve the concept and may lead to other ideas.

If you look at the direction of children’s legs movement is in the same direction of the swing and in the same direction of the force of gravity. He does not need much force to do that.
I am expecting that the centrifugal force plus gravity will be enough to change the position of the hammer and of its centre of gravity, the cause of greater amplitude