Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hammer and Energetics

With specific subjects i decided to create diferent blogs, and i have a few. The last one deserves to be posted and discussed here, because it sends me back to Energetics and new laws in Physics.
I would like to ear the opinion of Scholars, Engineers, ... well everybody.

The gravitational hammer is relativistic. The rate of transformation of energy is done in two reference frames.

The user, that is on a third frame(struture of swing), is consuming the left over of work, entropy and energy transformations accurring between the two other frames.

Energetics shall be taking serious and discussed.

Gravitational Hammer with double pendulums will prove that Odum and Energetics are serious candidates to explain the energy produced by this device.

Different frames of reference transforming energy and performing work, following the Maximum Power Principles, at different rates and different entropies, exchanging energy between them.

There are no boundaries between referente frames and all are interconnected and tied to the universal reference frame where the conservation laws are applied.

We can divide a phenomenon in as much as frames of reference as we please or choose.

The analyses and outputs of energy transformations, varying between frames, must start on the smaller system possible and the summation result at the desired frame must be positive to alow us to tap on that excess energy and wisely used it.