Monday, December 10, 2007

Energy and Money

Money is energy man’s creation.
Acquires different forms; Dollars, Pounds or Euros,
Electrical, Mechanical, Chemical, Heat or Work.
Its origin defines its magnitude, is exchanged for welfare and entropy increases when traded for labour.
Bureau of exchange charges fees, and they attain its higher value at home.
Initial capital can be borrowed and if used wise, in flows of investments, energy is recovered and savings plump.
Can be multiplied but is frequently wasted.
Mathematical expertise is required to conserve them.

Money is the transformity agent of newborn matter.
Planets amass energy from Banks called Stars.
In its inner, labor enlarges savings, fierceness to become bankers.
Bank runs, Star corporate merging, Planet’s partnerships and bankruptcies drive inflations after the not so Big, Bang.
Maxwell Ranque Black Holes reforming money-mass are the dream of Sun’s befall.
Star’s fortune come true after dwarfing into supernovas, and larger markets are claimed.
Bleak energy purgatory into higher quantity cold "super light" and blazing matter is the role of the spin pressured vortex Bright Black Hole Central Bank.
Laplace Divine IMF data storage, wire transfers energy and oversees the judgment destiny of the instantaneous travel parcel’s information, attached to particles.
Living matter, struggling in a “trial-and-success” for maximum resources, efficiently shrink entropy. He, who pays less for more, survives.
Recycled at Central Bank or info-mass-energy ultimate separation is the choice of Soul’s Given free will.
Our own Eternity, among those Moneyless Children of God living in the zero-point energy space, is Nature’s Desire.