Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Driven Oscillator - Child in a swing

As I mention before the Double Pendulum Hammer was inspired by a child in a swing.

The "Driven Oscillator" explains the phenomenon.

My proposal recreates the self swing, changing the center of gravity to give the impulse for acceleration.

Please see the following pages:

The picture above is from Physics.org

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Double pendulum hammer 2

I do not have the material nor the tools to build a prototype.
I am invicting over unity enthusiasts to replicate it and I am available for discussion of alternative designs.
It will be a good business if sold as a miniature souvenir of the "first overunity device".
I beleive that it is.
The shake magnet charging a small battery it will be the proof of power production.
The centrifugal force (due to ratchet lock) will keep the swing of both pendulums continuous.
Instead of mechanical control, the ratchet can be similar to the lock mechanism using small electric motor with infrared command.
The power can be supplied by the small battery.
The tests made with rudimental prototype showed acceleration but i could not have a proper ratchet to prevent the lack of the first pendulum.