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Mechanical Parametric Oscillator

Rotating cylinders Halbach array permanent magnets used as weights on a rotating pendulum and also used as the drive mechanism to change the centre of mass and reduce the amplitude, and also in a conjunction with a belt to push the mass up, increasing the potential energy.
The Magnus effect may help the parameter change of the oscillator and reduce damping.
We may use a frictionless magnetic bed for the drive magnetic cylinder at bottom and it may work as a storage kinetic energy flyweel, impairing the inwards push of the next weight entering the repulsion magnetic field.
Perpectual motion of the third kind?

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With fixed magnet

Magnetic Pumping Swing Device

This is a trial for a self pumping pendulum with full rotation.
The change of center of mass in a pendulum does increase its amplitude and I believe that we can do it with permanent magnets.
One set up is show below where the magnetic shield permits the repulsion of the magnets only on the ascending 180º, decreasing the amplitude.
Multiple arms at diferent angles can be mounted in the shaft.
To tap in the free energy that may show, we can incorporate a flywheel and an electric generator directly on the shaft.